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statement of the Islamic Movement of Taliban about negotiation with Afghan High Peace council in United


In the name of Allah, the most merciful, most compassionate

Statement of the Islamic Movement of Taliban about negotiation with Afghan High Peace council in United Arab Emirates

As leadership of the Taliban Islamic Movement met in the UAE recently and expressed their willing towards an everlasting peace and prosperity, establishing an Islamic system and ultimately making an end to current crisis through an intra Afghan dialogue. They also agreed in the said meeting upon finding an acceptable solution to the issue, which include establishment of Islamic system according to wishes of thousands of martyrs. 

As a result of the decision taken in that meeting, a high ranking delegation of the Islamic Movement of Taliban met with few high ranking official of Afghan High Peace Council recently in the UAE.

This meeting held in atmosphere of peace and sincerity and with due determination towards an everlasting peace and establishing an Islamic system. Both sides in the said meeting agreed to analyze all dimensions of the issue deeply and to find a permanent solution instead of working on interim formats of the solution. They also agreed upon convincing all the faction to play their role seriously to bring peace and stability to the country.

Representatives of the Islamic Movement of Taliban appreciated recent decision of Afghan president Mr. Hamid Karzai regarding release of Taliban and other Afghan prisoners from Bagram detention centre, which took place in the past few days as a reply to our previous demands in this regard. They also urged the Afghan government via HPC delegation to release immediately all those remaining Afghans kept in various jails, detention centers as well as other military and intelligence camps.

Both sides also agreed to call the UN Security Council for removal of Taliban leaders’ names from black list and lifting sanctions on their travels and other activities.

The Afghan government should also avoid all those appointments and actions causing possible blur of the Islamic identity and disturbing national unity.

Both sides also agreed mutually upon introducing a team of clerics and academics from the Islamic Movement of Taliban. The said team from one hand would have to be sincere to the case while from other hand their names would neither be in black list, thus they could participate freely in meetings, talks and conferences held for finding solution to the crisis.

Finally, participants of the meeting urged Allah the almighty to protect Afghanistan from current crisis and make its people able to  live happily, courteously under an Islamic system. 

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