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Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim congratulatory message on Eid-al-Fitr

Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim congratulatory message on Eid-al-Fitr

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers of our Prophet Muhammad, and his family and his companions all.

O brave nation of Muslim!

The indomitable heroes of freedom and honor,

The troubled prisoners,

O you who put up strong resistance to the foreign invasion,

The grieved family of the martyrs,

Fellow brother and sisters,

Assalam-o-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh!

(May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you!)

I would like to warmly offer my heartfelt felicitation to you all on the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr and yet again, share my feelings with you regarding recent delicate events.

Why face difficulty in a peaceful and free life?

Respectable fellow countrymen!

Geologically, Afghanistan occupies a region which has always been the focus of the invasion by the world’s supper and major powers and the target of their war.

Great powers from Alexander the Great, Mongols, British and Russian empires, to the Western powers led by the present-day U.S have always tried to overcome Afghanistan and made brutal attempts, from  the peaks of the mountain ranges of the sky high Hindu Kush, to invade this land with intent to dominate the Asia and other parts of the world.

They have oppressed the Afghans, destroyed their habitation and caused them great hardships.

But no powers have ever taken any advantage it or gotten anything out of all this. On the other hand, they were politically and economically weakened, that is, war drained them of their youth and their wealth, tiring out their efforts, whereas due to the strong resistance by the Afghan heroes the enemy military forces were driven out of Afghanistan in the same way they had forcefully invaded this county.

It is a matter of concern and consideration as to why the Afghans, being the owners of this strategically important habitation, are unable to defend this land and take advantage of this strategically important region, while despite the suffering and immense losses and fatalities inflicted on the enemy, the occupation forces have attempted to invaded it.

In our view, intergroup and intragroup conflicts and lack of unity in Afghanistan, which have regrettably given way to illiteracy and ignorance on grand scale, are the root causes of making Afghanistan the target of foreign incursion and occupation, allowing our enemies to set their sights and heart on the natural resources and strategic location of Afghanistan.

It is an obvious fact that Afghans are a brave and honored nation, but at the same time, it is to be sure that our nation besides its courage and honor is uninformed, naïve and disunited which makes our country remains more backward compared to others.

Brothers! Lack of knowledge and unity have not only cast a shadow over our pride and honor, but also made our country the target of the invaders’ occupation.

Since Allah has bestowed his favors on Afghans in the form of bravery and honor, He has certainly conferred His gifts of knowledge and awareness on them as well.

Physically, Afghans are no less than other individuals in the world and they get good weather fit for human life and habitation.

What have deprived them of knowledge and awareness are the conflicts between the Afghans and the foreign incursions, which has made the Afghans unable take better advantage of the highest talent and great genius and of our prominent scholars and men of great learning and knowledge so as to improve the quality of their life. ”ان الله لا یغیر ما بقوم حتی یغیرو ما بانفسهم

In Quranic verse Allah says: “Verily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they change themselves

In the light of this Divine Guidance it is clearly evident that Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful has bestowed upon his creation various favors and blessings as long as the human beings do not lose them due to their deeds and acts.

The Need of National integration

Valued countrymen!

Afghanistan is now in the point of getting rid of foreign occupation as result of the struggles of brave heroes of the nation. We have made countless gains and success in campaign and resistance against invasion on the grounds. To save the gains and success and make better use of them in the construction and rehabilitation of the country there is a great need for mutual harmony and solidarity.

In order to build this country we must put our differences aside. If we lack mutual unity, solidarity and understanding, our entire gains and success will fall victim to intragroup and intergroup conflicts and our differences in the fight against occupation forces, leading us to destruction. 

The Aimless War  

In the recent times, an aimless conflict between pro-Islamic groups continuing in eastern regions may be seen as the start of unfortunate civil war.

If we do not put an end to this Fitna (upheaval, riot) through mutual unity, harmony and fraternity there will be fears that this Fitna will spread throughout the country and our country will fall prey to yet another invasion and our troubled nation will be confronted with even more suffering and hardship.

Negations for solution to county’s ongoing challenges

There have currently been intra-Afghan negations for peace and understanding between all sides concerned which is viewed as a better move and a greater wish of the entire Afghans. May Allah Almighty put a stop to the Afghan tragedy as a result of the current efforts for reconciliation process!

Esteemed fellow countrymen!

In order that the negotiations and meeting between the involved groups bear a glad tiding and send a message of peace and love to the Afghan nation who, in turn, will trust and hope for them. It would be required that a series honest and practical steps should be taken towards the negations to display goodwill, cordiality and integrity on the part of the concerned sides.

Hereby, I would like to express some basic and important points concerning the success and progress of these negations about which practical measures have to be taken.

First:  Avoidance of targeting public property and welfare organizations and their protection in addition to helping and protecting their personnel and staff have to be deemed the greatest responsibility.

Second: Preventing attacks and military activities by every side in thickly populated areas such as residential areas, commercial centers, markets parks and the likes.

Third: Humane treatment toward prisoners and smoothing way to their release should be ensured.

Fourth: Ceasing fire and avoiding carrying out clashes by of every side in the sacred days such as Eid days, Ramadan and so on.

Fifth: The sides involved should avoid using media propaganda and false or exaggerated statements against each other. Avoiding this will have a positive impact on people’s attitude, beliefs and behaviors which will, in turn, decrease violence.

In our opinion, compliance with the abovementioned points by the concerned side will, on the one hand, save the nation a great deal of trouble.

On the other hand, it will pave the way to globalism and build an atmosphere of mutual confidence and friendship between the all sides concerned. These measures will form basis for a broader, long-term and permanent peace and reconciliation process within the country.

Peace is our national need

The peace is a national need of the Afghans. In the same way, the reconciliation process should take place in accordance with Afghans’ options and ideology.

It certainly is a good move and a sign of cordial relationship and goodwill that the neighboring countries and the world community is making efforts to smooth ways for peace dialogue between the sides concerned.

On the other hand, the Afghan sides themselves, out of Islamic and national spirits, should realize that fact that peace is their individual and collective need. As a result, they ought to be willing to unclench their fists and work with integrity, honesty and cordiality for peace and reconciliation within the country in the first place so that they heal the breach and put their differences and mutual conflicts aside, turning them into the mutual cooperation and progress of the country in the time to come.

Nevertheless, the role of the neighboring countries and foreign powers alongside Afghans in ending the war cannot be disregarded.

America and the neighboring countries  should avoid the activities that end in adding fuel to the flames of war in Afghanistan, as the peace in Afghanistan is not only for the good of Afghans alone but also  in the better interest of the neighboring, in general, in the interest of much of the world. The neighboring countries have also suffered greatly as a consequence, while it is a matter of concern to a number of the counties of the world.

This war, an unpleasant phenomenon may be ended through sincere intra-Afghans understanding and support of neighboring countries and the world powers.

Similarly, the Afghans, neighboring countries the world communities ought to strive for restoration of permanent peace within the country in addition to monitoring the rehabilitation and restoring progress.

Finally, I once again, convey my best and warmest felicitations to all of you as we celebrate this Eid al-Fitr. And I congratulate you on a successful conclusion of Ramadan. May the peace and blessing of Ramadan fill our hearts and reign in our county!

May Allah accept all of your prayers and good deeds and bless your Eid!


I wish for this country peace, security, prosperity and freedom.

May peace and security and success reign in Afghanistan!

Your brother Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim,

The former head of the political council of the Islamic Movement of Taliban



  1. Many many congratulates to you Agha Mutasim and your honourable faimly. May ALLAH save our country from evry kind of voilance. Its a true fact that there is no way to indefendence without education. And its a major part of evry person.
    May ALLAH bring happeness and slot of barakats on our nation by the barakat of this EID.

  2. Agha jan is very good Mashallah allowance is made ​​up of older give up the peace and slhه frmayn in Afghanistan  and take him up to come and save me from every evil Amin Thanks

  3. CONGRATULATE to you too.
    Thanks alot for supporting afghan nation for education. May ALLAH reward you of this service.