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Message of felicitations on the occasion of ‘Eid al-Adha’ by Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Message of felicitations on the occasion of ‘Eid al-Adha’ by Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

الحمد لله رب العالمین، والصلاة والسلام علی رسوله الأمين محمد و آله واصحابه اجمعين .

All praise is due to Allah, and Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Messenger, his pure family, his noble. Companions.

« فإن لکل قوم عيداً، وهذا عيد نا » الحديث

Every nation has its own Eid and this is our Eid. (Al-Hadith)

!My fellow countrymen, brothers and sisters

On this joyous occasion of Eid ul Adah, I would like to offer my warmest wishes to all celebrating this this day. May this blessed day bring peace, success and joy to you!

I wish that Allah’s blessings light up the path and us lead to prosperity. May Allah accept your worship and reward you for good deeds

!Esteemed countrymen

I yet again, would like to address you on this sacred occasion, sharing my feelings and viewpoints with you on the recent events and political conditions and changes

It is obvious that the imposed war, and its burning flames has greatly affected each and every walk of life and has added a combative and hostile air to the country’s entire events and situations

There is no source for the oppressed Afghans to turn to, other than Allah. The peace of mind and contentment of heart can only be achieved through the grace of Allah Almighty and His mercy

Let us only present our innocence and helplessness to Allah and tell Him how big our problems and seek Allah’s grace and help, asking Him to put an end to all our misery and adversities

At the same time, we must acknowledge our Islamic and national responsibility in this regard

If observed, the root cause of all the troubles and difficulties of Afghans, in my opinion, are the interpersonal conflicts and division within the country which instead of unification and harmony have brought the Afghans into direct confrontation and clash against each other in different eras and times and for several reasons and factors

The irony is that, the other nations take lesson from difficulties they previously faced and learn from their bitter past experience, on the other hand, the Afghans no matter what level of social status and life they are at, further oppose each other and more deeply involved in conflicts.

As a result of the irrational conflicts our country has fallen behind many countries in various areas such as education, economy, politics, technology and so forth.

!Respected fellow Afghans

Our regional and neighboring countries have made significant economic, scientific, technological and medical advances, flourishing rapidly and staying far more ahead of our country in numerous areas and fields

Afghanistan, a country with thousands of years of history and culture, is probably one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world.  The main reasons behind all this misery, disaster and hardship are disunity, abhorrence and prejudice to which our countrymen have fallen prey due to interpersonal rivalries and selfishness, losing a competitive ability and advantage over their rivals or neighboring countries in every front and field of life whether it is political, scientific, technical, economical or technological

!Valued brothers and sisters

Ironically, there is a general consensus among all sides concerned in Afghanistan issue that there is no military solution to Afghan crises and that the best resolution to put an end to ongoing conflict is through dialogues and reconciliation

Despite all this, the scope of conflict is largely expanding and the battlefield is heating up with every passing day. An average of tens of Afghans suffer casualties in clashes against Afghans on daily basis

I fail to understand whether the warring sides involved in Afghanistan conflict consider the war as an option to make it possible for one side to overpower another. If so, the rival warring side of combative politics might have prevailed over the other side and succeeded in eliminating it in the past 40 years

After the withdrawal of Red Army, the country plunged into civil war to which the Afghans themselves fell victims

The factional fighting gave way to the internal rifts and interpersonal conflict, leading to decline of Mujahideen rule, the government they had formed after much struggle and sacrifice. As a result, it was seen as a total failure, an infamous, and a dysfunctional government

The Afghans who supported Mujahideen in combat against Soviet aggression till the victory, are now expecting from them rehabilitation, development, patriotism, progress and prosperity within the country

Unluckily, upon achieving victory, Mujahideen laid the very foundation of their government on destruction and devastation that ruined Mujahideen reputation and tarnished their Jihadi image, turning the hopes and exactions of the nation into disappointment.

!Honored fellow Afghans

Now that the foreign coalition forces fully pulled out of Afghanistan with only a handful of the American troops remaining behind that may hardly amount to 10% of the U.S troops initially invaded

It is once more noticed that the conflicts within the country are beginning to escalate and intensify which was, in fact, supposed to deescalate with the pullout of foreign invading forces as the war had originally been waged against foreign aggression not against the Afghans themselves

Unfortunately, our country witnesses a large number of Afghan suffering casualties in quite a lot of provinces and areas

Similarly, if the sides concerned try not to be mindful of this, the causes and factors of prolongation of the purposeless conflict may increase and our country will plunge deeper and deeper into continued devastating war

!Respected countrymen

With the war currently in progress within our county, it is inevitable that the parties to conflict suffer casualties

The sides concerned are, therefore, urged to ensure full compliance with principles and rules of armed conflict, taking preventive measures to avoid targeting defenseless civilians, public places and property, bazaars and markets, public utility organizations and the likes

Regrettably, there is sometimes evidence that the parties to the conflict target the places in which the civilians bear the full brunt of attacks

For instance, the foreign forces bombings of an Afghan hospital and prisons that we recently witnessed in Kunduz, Wardak and Helmand provinces which resulted in a large number of dead and wounded on the patients, prisoners and civilians

Similarly, the attack on an educational institution (the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul) by unidentified attackers that caused a number of the teachers and student to sustain casualties

Since the educational institutions, be it of religious or modern science, are wholly country’s hubs of devolvement and advancement, they have to be protected jointly by both civilians and warring parties

If we want to have a fully self-supporting and autonomous country, we need make every attempt to set up educational institutions, science and academic centers, as they are what lead to the country’s spiritual and material progress

Knowledge or education, that is the fundamental human rights as well as a means human requires in all affairs of life

Besides, the public utility organizations are the common property of the nation, as a result, the warring parties need pay careful attention to protect and secure them

We, hereby, urge the international community and friend countries to help to create and fund manufacturing and industrial projects, rather than bringing in military and intelligence tools because our country has witnessed many wars and been engulfed by violence and past conflicts

Hence, the Afghans instead of fighter jets, tanks and combat destructive tools require machineries, technology, manufacturing and industrial equipment to rebuild their country

Educational institutions, hospitals, roads, bridges, dams and manufacturing industries guarantee the nation’s material and spiritual success and progress, it is, therefore, our shared responsibility to safeguard, rebuild and preserve them

As these are the resources that create manufacturing and industrial economy and power, leading to helping in existence of the economic power and whiling putting a spirit of progress in our society which gradually reduce our problems, enabling us to enter into the race of development and progress and making us capable of keeping up with rivals

Yet another topic at the issue is Afghan refugee repatriation program. If we take a look at the immigration process, we may find out a great many people, due to the existing problems in their countries, migrate and settle in foreign countries where they are treated in accordance with the human rights law of UN and the law of the relevant country

On the other hands, our Afghans refugees are unfairly treated in violation of all human rights. They are harassed, unjustly prosecuted, imprisoned and forced out of some foreign countries

We appeal to the UN and other international human rights organizations and urge them to cooperate with Afghan refugees as well as recognizing their responsibility on the issue

An important point, the parties to Afghan issue bear in mind is the safe return of the Afghan refugees to their home country with dignity and respect

The Afghans have more than one reason for leaving their home, that is, the sides involved in Afghan conflict apart from their internal differences, created several other problems and factors for the Afghans to migrate to other countries. There has not yet been any definite plan

The sides concerned, therefore, need to make a repatriation program and do everything in their power to facilitate the return of Afghan refugees, in safety and with dignity

Finally, I reiterate and suggest to the parties to the Afghan issues that nation-building and the act of Islam-loving are seen as the criteria for excellence and success in everything we do, on the contrary, egotism and self-centeredness conflict with all religious and national interests

Anyone wanting to reach the highest standard of excellence has to put a genuine effort toward being Islam-loving and patriotic, while remaining loyal and committed to Islamic and national interests.

!To the oppressed and helpless nation

I ask my troubled nation to establish unity and Islamic brotherhood among themselves, raise your children on the basis of unity and harmony

On the blessed occasions such as Eid-ul-Adha and the likes, make genuine efforts to revive the true Islamic values and implement them. The rich and affluent among you are to try to content and please the poor, needy and orphans with your financial assistance. Rely on Allah alone as every solution to any problem is in Allah’s will

Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be on you

,Your brother, Mullah Agha Jan Mutasim

,The former head of the political committee of Taliban’s Islamic movement

Dated: September 11, 2016



  1. Aslam o Alaikum!
    Happy Eid days, Mullah Agha Jan sahib! We, too, wish you a wonderful Eid full of joys and tranquility.
    It is a great honor that we still have sympathetic and understanding people like you.

    The way you expressed your feelings and elaborated on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan is quite satisfactory.
    We, the Afghans, are tired of continued war and interpersonal disputes and differences. It has made the lives of Afghans a hell. We have get rid of it as soon as possible. Hopefully, a peace deal will and reconciliation efforts will us good.
    May peace and stability reign in our beloved county. Ameen.

  2. salam
    Afghans were in favor of peace
    Please Agha Sahib

  3. Eid Mubarak go all Afghans
    Mr. want peace but not foreigners

  4. allah de waki chi da akhtar da soly akhtar shai

  5. ښاغلو ستاسو له سولیزفکرنه مننه الله دي وګړي چي تاسو کوم پیغام وړاندې کړی هغه وشي خودایو بدبخته ولس دی هغوی ددې نیکمرغۍ څخه به تل بې برخې وي.

  6. Peace may be used to cause chaos in the country among all
    But were not peaceful, they will always fight

  7. Taliban not peace, but their fights
    Taliban fight for Pakistan
    They do not want peace

  8. مدینه ساپۍ

    که څه هم یو شمېر خلک په افغانستان کې د سولې په اړه نهیلي شوي خو ځینې افغان چارواکي هیله من دي چې؛ هېواد ته به یې ژر سوله راشي.

  9. Peace is a mistake to Gulbuddin
    They should be presented to international court

  10. We want peace in our country … but not tired one battle
    Brothers come to
    Forget the past
    Remember Allah say ardor
    Thank you to the message of peace

  11. the message rejuvenate happy was

    The Afghans have more than one reason for leaving their home, that is, the sides involved in Afghan conflict apart from their internal differences, created several other problems and factors for the Afghans to migrate to other countries. There has not yet been any definite plan

  12. love country mandatory Who does not lovetheyCountry has nowant peaceAgha SahibThank you

  13. طالبان وايي موږ داشغالګرو تروجود اودوام پورې جنګیږو…اواشغالګران وايي موږ د ټرورستانو ترنابود کیدو جنګیږو…نونتېجه به داوي چي دوی له دواړو سره یو نه کړي حګړه نه شي ورکيدلای نو سوله همچینان.
    ښه کاربه داوي چي سړی خپل تجارتي چاروې وکړي خوهلته هم داسي کړۍ شته چي څوک نه پریږدي ترڅوخپل مال په خپل اختیارکي استعمال کړي.
    اخری خبره ولي پاڅون وي اوبس.

  14. محمدابراهیم

    نوپه دې انګلش خو نه پوهیږو کیدای شي خبره دسولې وي ځکه چي ښاغلي ملامعتصم اغاجان ټولي هڅې په همدې برخه څرخېدلې دي.
    نوسوله دمداریانو په لاس کې ده نه تاسوته موقع په لاس درکوي اونه هم ملت ته دا کار دزور واکانو ده .

  15. سید ولید احمد

    اسلام علیکم جناب محترم آغاصاحب
    عید را بر شما نییز از صمیم قلب تبریک گفته و ضمن تشکری میخایم اینرا بیان نمایم که شخصاً خودم در این وضیعت کنونی که در جریان است که بدترین وضیعت گفته میتوانم از شما بسیار تشکری مینمایم با این حس وطن دوستی که دارید در برابر وطن و از بارگاه خداوند متعال استدعا میدارم که یک صلح سر تا سری را در کشور ما فراهم سازد که دیگر این مردم از جنگ خسته شده اند.

خپله تبصره ولیکې

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